Our City Council should always put Pismo first!

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The Phillips 66 Rail project discussion has been ongoing. On September 15, 2015, the Phillip 66 Rail Spur Extension Comment Letter was on the Pismo Beach City Council Meeting Agenda as item 7A.  City Manager Lewis presented the staff report and recommended that the Council send a letter to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission stating the City’s concerns regarding the proposed Phillips 66 Rail Spur Extension Project.

It was then that Erik Howell announced his recusal due to his membership on the California Coastal Commission.

The SLO Tribune published an opinion piece by Tom Fulks and in that piece, Fulks points out that “Howell appears to have elevated his Coastal Commission position above his City Council job, without which he’d not be a coastal commissioner.”

It is interesting to think Howell could possibly be concerned with having a conflict of interest. He certainly did not seem to care when it came to accepting a campaign donation from a lobbyist’s significant other.
It is also interesting that Howell thinks there is a conflict of interest. When Katcho Achadjian was a county supervisor, he voted for the Los Osos sewer project and later voted again for the same project when he was appointed to the Coastal Commission.
This is just another example of Howell showing his voters how Pismo Beach ranks on his priority list.

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