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9/16/14 City Council, permit hearing for South Silver Shoals development

  • Howell states that the project is incompatible with surrounding neighborhood and violates Pismo’s Local Coastal Program (LCP). He casts the lone Council vote AGAINST project approval.

1/17/15 Coastal Commission Appeal Hearing

  • Howell supports a Silver Shoals appeal by Pismo Beach residents in his capacity as Coastal Commissioner, publicly stating that that the appellants raised significant issues regarding the proposed project.

9/9/15 Campaign Contribution to Erik Howell Campaign (disclosed on 2/3/16)

  • Howell receives a $1,000 campaign contribution from the office manager and domestic partner of top coastal lobbyist Susan McCabe, who represents the Silver Shoals developer.

11/5/15 Coastal Commission Permit Application Hearing

  • Howell now rejects key Coastal Staff-recommended conditions on the Silver Shoals project that he originally claimed were needed. He fails to disclose several ex-parte communications with lobbyist McCabe. After publicly apologizing for having previously urged the Commission to review the project, he now casts votes FOR the developer’s position down the line.

Howell is currently the subject of two Fair Political Practices Commission (FPCC) complaints which allege that he violated State Law by failing to recuse himself from voting on a matter shortly after receiving a large political donation from an interested party.



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