The Candidates

Marcia Guthrie

  • Active participant in the development and passage of Measure H-14, the Save Price Canyon Initiative.
  • Studies issues in depth and believes in listening to the public before making decisions.
  • Advocates transparent practices as a council member and does not accept donations from developers or special interest groups. The only endorsement she seeks is the endorsement of the voters of Pismo Beach and believes in representing the interest of the voters.
  • Has a complete understanding of water issues and the challenges that Pismo Beach faces.

We believe Marcia Guthrie is deserving of your vote.

Brian Craig Kreowski

  • Founding member of both the Shell Beach Improvement Group (SBIG) and Dinosaur Caves Preservation Society. The Dinosaur Preservation Society successfully fought to save the 11-acre blufftop Dinosaur Caves property from hotel development.
  • Experience as Port San Luis Harbor Commissioner.
  • Has practical ideas for increasing utility of downtown Pismo for local residents as well as tourists.
  • Realistic understanding of the history and issues surrounding Chapman property.

We believe Brian Kreowski is deserving of your vote.

Tom Brooks Burgher II

  • Cares about Pismo Beach
  • Pismo Beach Parks, Recreation, and Beautification commissioner
  • Actively involved in Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce

We believe Tom Burgher would be a good choice for City Council

Erik Howell

  • As a Councilmember, he is NOT RESPONSIVE to local concerns. He was the sole vote against Tiered Development Restrictions to address our severe water shortage. He wants Pismo residents and businesses to conserve more, but won’t support necessary restrictions on water-consuming new development.
  • Sole vote against Police-recommended ordinance prohibiting transient overnight parking and public urination and defecation. He dismisses legitimate concerns about public safety, health, and defiling of private property. This shows he does not care about what Pismo Beach residents are concerned about.
  • Under investigation by the FPPC
  • Named in two lawsuits, one seeking $3.6 Million in fines for failing to properly disclose 96 outside contacts with developer representative. Howell does not care about transparency.
We believe Erik Howell does not care about the needs and concerns of Pismo Beach residents. His primary concern seems to be his own career, building his resume, and moving on to some higher political office or political appointment. His local votes and his actions on the California Coastal Commission are evidence of his political ambitions.

Listen to the segment about Citizens For a Better Pismo Beach on the Dave Congalton Show

This election affects ALL of California

Coastal Commission

This election has the ability to affect the California Coastal Commission. If Erik Howell loses his re-election, he will lose his seat on the Coastal Commission. The Commission has received a lot of criticism over the past year, mainly for the claim that the commissioners care more about developers than the public. Erik Howell is now under investigation by the FPPC and is named in a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Howell repeatedly and knowingly violated ex parte communication requirements. Read more here

Howell Out To Dinner

On November 4, 2015, Howell was seen out to dinner at Mezzaluna Italian Restaurant in Half Moon Bay with lobbyist Susan McCabe, real estate agent Stacy Bromley, architect Steven Puglisi, and other developer representatives. The next day, Howell voted in favor of their project.

Do you want to…

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Steve Lopez – The mystery of the missing campaign signs, and how they tie back to the Coastal Commission

Steve Lopez wrote an article that was published on Wednesday in the LA Times regarding our signs


Our Concerns


We want our city council members to use their positions to serve in the interest of the public and not to the highest bidder.

Responsible Development

The coast of California is one of a kind and irreplaceable. We want to make sure that as our city grows, the development in the area is held to high standards and allows public access to the coast. This includes having adequate public parking to ensure visitors and residents are able to enjoy the public parks and beaches.

Why are we saying NO to Howell?

We have serious concerns over the performance and personal integrity of Pismo Beach City Council member Erik Howell, who also is a commissioner on the California Coastal Commission. His actions as a commissioner reflect the fact that our conclusions regarding his performance and personal integrity are well-founded – they provide evidence that he places his own personal interest and political ambitions above the public interest.

  • Under investigation by FPPC
  • Was the only vote against Pismo's building moratorium
  • Lawsuit filed against him for failing to disclose ex parte communications

Have you registered to vote? Do you know your polling place?

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